Visit to Save A Life

The first day of March 2022 was a memorable day for our kids, here at Precious Moments International Academy, as it was their career day. Our kids were thrilled to be at Save a Life Mission Hospital, Port Harcourt, on their career day. It was a wonderful time at the state of the art hospital.

Here at PMIA, we clearly understand the importance of such visits. One thing is to dream, another is to keep the dream alive. When dreams are kept alive, meeting them becomes more achievable. Because we clearly understand the importance of such visits, we invest time and resources to organise them, even when they cost a lot of money. We recognise the impact it can have on our kids and the drive it can instil in them.  With that in mind, we do and will continue to do all we can to give our kids the best positive exposure within our reach.

One thing our Kids enjoyed so much about the career day in school is the opportunity they had to interact with professionals from various fields, helping them to better understand these fields, what it takes to become a professional in the field they chose, the challenges in the field and the joys in the field. They also asked most of the professionals what drove them to choose what fields they chose. What a joy it was for our kids to interact with professionals, even those in their dream careers! What a morale booster it proved to be!